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IPMS Great Plains
KC CON 2002 Results
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22. Street Rod, Machine & Custom
Sponsored by: HobbytownUSA (Overland Park KS)
Acura Type R
by David Irwin
Kansas City MO
Hot Rod
by Robert Hayes
Topeka KS
32 Ford Hot Rod
by Mike Berry
Atchinson KS
23. Stock
Sponsored by: George's Hobby House
Ferrari 360
by Mike Berry
Atchinson KS
1967 Vette
by Douglas Pourik
Overland Park KS
Caprice Police Car
by John Duffy
Kansas City MO
24. Competition
Sponsored by: IPMS/Great Plains
Winged Express
by Bob Kester
Shawnee Mission KS
Fort GT-40 Mark II
by Clint Sims
St. Joseph MO
SCRA Sprint Car
by Joe Teliczan
Holt MO
Orange Crate
by Matt Bittner
Omaha NE
25. Miscellaneous
Sponsored by:  IPMS/Great Plains
CA Highway Patrol
by Wayne Gray
St. Louis MO
Honda NSF-500
by Mike Berry
Atchinson KS
Police Car
by Mark Albright
St. Louis MO
Ducati 916
by Randy Marsh
Olathe KS

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