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IPMS Great Plains
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What's New

April 8, 2002
Added the 2nd Annual St Jospeh Scale Model Show to the calendar
Added the Heartland Model Car Nationals to the calendar

April 4, 2002
Added Ed Bjes's Tigercat FB11 to the Props Gallery
Scott Van Aken's Modeling Madness ( is currently featuring the models of KC CON 2002.  Click here to see them.
Gordon Kwan covered KC CON 2002 for the Large Scale Planes' website.  Click here to see the article and images.

April 1, 2002
Next month is elections and your candidates (in alphabetical order) are:
President - Frank Ciccarella
Vice-President - Ed Bjes and Scott Conner
Secretary - Mike Motko
Treasurer - Greg Farrell and Darren Roberts
Webmaster/Internet Coordinator - Gordon Kwan
Please be sure to attend the all importart April meeting so you can vote. If you cannot make this meeting, email your vote to prior to the meeting.  You must identify your name (your votes will remain confidential to President Ciccarella and the webmaster)  and indicate who your votes are for for each position.
Added some general pictures from KC CON 2002 to us all remember this memorable day
Added link to IPMS/Toledo (Toledo Plastic Modelers) on the Modeling Links page
Added the city/state of each winner to the KC CON 2002 results pages.
Added next Business Meeting (formerly "E-Board") to the calendar

March 24, 2002
KC CON 2002 Results have been posted.

March 12, 2002
Added Scott Conner's T-34/76 and Schwerer Panzerspahwagen (Infanteriewagen) to the Armor Vehicles Gallery.

March 8, 2002
Added Scott Conner's article on "Making Rivets by the Buttload"

March 7, 2002
Updated list of Upcoming Events
Added list of vendors scheduled to be at KC CON

February 25, 2002
Added announcement of the addition of Ralph Schakelford/Elmer's Lindsay presentation/display of the Remegan Bridge/WWII at KC CON.

February 19, 2002
Added Schedule of Events for KC CON 2002
Added KC CON 2002 Registration Form

January 28, 2002
Added a listing of Articles with the Tips & Hints page

January 11, 2002
Added Scott Conner's article on "Making Thinner Strips of Wood"
Added link to the upcoming LOCON contest's website

December 14, 2001
Updated KC CON 2002 Vendor Information page

December 7, 2001
Updated Home Page, Meeting Information, and  Upcoming Events.
Added Darren Robert's F/A-18E Super Hornet to the Jet Gallery

November 6, 2001
Posted the pictures from the Mall Make & Take that occurred on Nov 3 at Metcalf South Shopping Center.

October 31, 2001
Here are the minutes from the October club meeting that was held on 10/25:
1. The Mall show and Kids program. Saturday, Nov 3, 2001. Metcalf South Mall. Need to have people there by 9:00 AM
2. If you know any organizations, we should be contacting them to come to the Make and Take.
3. The "SLAM FEST" was conducted. The competition was tough. The winner was Scott Conner with a tank model. Click here to see a picture of Scott's award winning model :*)
4. We had a guest at the meeting. He was Bob Sanchez (one of the Bob's from TwoBobs decals). Bob also
guested judged for the Slam Fest.
5. Rick Brownlee handed out an updated list of members. It has current numbers and email address. Check with him for a copy.
6. Raffle tickets were on sale for the display case. Winner will be drawn during our November meeting.
7. The November meeting will be our Holiday Cheer. Bring a dish to share.  If your name begins with the letters A-M, bring a sweet, N-Z bring
something salty.
8. There will be no December Meeting.

October 3, 2001
Updated Upcoming Events
Updated IPMS GP Members list

September 28, 2001
Last night was the monthly meeting.  Meeting notes are as follows:
25 people attended
Ed went over need for volunteers at the upcoming Mall Make & Take and Contest on November 3 at Metcalf South Shopping Center.
Reminded attendees of the slamfest contest at next month's meeting on October 25.
Sale of raffle tickets for the display case.  So far about ten tickets have been sold.  Only 2 more meeting until the drawing.
Overland Park is having a parade tomorrow Saturday Sept 29.  Club member Gary Owsley is scheduled to be in the parade driving the KS National Guard M1 tank.
Advised everyone of the upcoming contests at St. Joseph (9/29), AMPS/Austin (10/6) and Combat Air Museum in Topeka (10/27).
Rick Brownlee presented a first draft of the club roster.
KC AMPS sent a letter thanking IPMS GP for sponsoring the Best Diorama award at the recently held KC AMPS regional.
The kit auction went on.  This generated about $50 for the club.

September 19, 2001
Finished adding Nordic Con 2001 pictures

September 18, 2001
Added upcoming events:  National Military Heritage Museum Show, and Mid Continent Libary Veteran's Remembrance
Adding Nordic Con 2001 pictures

September 13, 2001
Steve Hustad confirmed yesterday that Nordic Con is still on this weekend.

September 5, 2001
Restored KC CON 2001 results.  A link has ben placed on the home page to view them.

August 31, 2001
August Meeting Notes
30 members were in attendance (this was one of our biggest meetings ever)
Frank C. debriefed the club on the club's KC Air Show reults
Announced that IPMS GP has been invited to on October 13 to the Mid Continent Library branch in Parkview, MO on October 13 exhibit there along with Ralph Schakelford (July meeting guest speaker).  Frank will be there along with any other volunteers.  The purpose of this is to talk modeling and to tell other about our club.
Reminded everyone about the Mall Show Make & Take on November 3 at Metcalf South Shopping Center.
Discussed the model auction procedures scheduled for next month's meeting.
Reminded everyone about the upcoming AMPS Show on September 8.
Jeff Bobela announced that the IPMS West Central Missouri is working on hosting a contest in September 2002.
Scott Conner reported that he is again hosting a modeling club at the school he teaches at again this school year.  Scott would appreciate any donations or gifts.
Announced that KC AMPS has a website up now and Mike Talley is the webmaster.
Did our monthly go around the room show & tell discussion.
Then...the modeling sale and swapping begun with CRM Hobbies.  Many trades appear to have been completed as member were carry out their new acquisitions.
Added August 2001 meeting pictures

August 29, 2001
Updated home page

August 21, 2001
Added 2 new tips to Tips & Hints regarding anti decal silvering and no sanding seam filling.

August 20, 2001
Added link to KC AMPS' website in Modeling Links
Added pictures from the KC Air Show

August 13, 2001
Added about 60 pictures from OzCon 2001 that I took.  Click to see them.
Added Jet Gallery #2 with two more F-14 Tomcats by Darren Roberts

August 7, 2001
Added Darren Roberts' diorama of Keith Gallagher's partial ejection to the Diorama Gallery

August 1, 2001
Added to Jet Gallery
Steve Sieber's F-86 "Skyblazers" Demonstration Team
Darren Roberts' F-4B VF-32 Swordsmen and F-14A VF-32 Swordsmen "Gypsy 207" MiG- killer
Added to Props Gallery
Steve Sieber's Fw190-D9
Added additional photos from the Remagen Bridge presentation at the July meeting.
Added July Meeting picture


Since August 3, 2001

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